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Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Router Table Fence

best router table fence reviews

Have you been thinking of getting the best router table fence? You must, as it is a staple for guiding your workpiece through the router bits. But you may feel hesitant. It is quite normal especially when you have good number of choices and something that needs to produce precise result. I personally hate to see my hard-earned money going down the drain just because of misinformation or lack of proper research before buying a product. That is why I...
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Yonico Router Bits Review: is it worth it?


There’s a myth or debate whether to go for lesser known router bit brands like Yonico, instead of well known established brand of Freud, Whiteside etc. We decided to do an in depth Yonico router bits review to bust the myth. Read on to know what we came up with.   Should I go for Yonico router bits? We are starting our yonico router bits review by answering the burning question and its “Yes you can” provided you meet one...
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Best Router Bits-Learn to Choose Like A Pro

best router bits

When I bought my first Router, I was super excited and in a hurry to mount it on Router Table to start working on my long cherished dream. But, hold on! I haven’t bought any router bits and without them Router is like a toothless tiger. Without much ado, I dove into the quest to find the best router bits. Then came the nightmare, as I was a beginner, the various profiles (shape of the cutting edge) of router bits available...
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5 Best Router Bit Sets for Beginners


  Kudos ! If you’re a beginner and have decided to get the router bit set to learn about the bit profile, to know which individual bits you will use most often and then replace them with high quality individual bits, you’re on the right path. You’re next hurdle is to find the best router bit set. I spent a good amount of money (as a beginner) on buying high quality individual router bits, before knowing which bits I’ll be...
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3 Best Router Lift Reviews to End Your Struggle

router lift reviews

Do you fumble around under the table to adjust the bit height or pull out the entire router to change the bit? It’s an epic struggle you do each time you go under your router table and lose the battle more often as you hardly make the precise adjustment you wished for. Not to mention the time consumed. You can win the battle by picking up a well-designed router lift that works as a magic. But, you may feel reluctant...
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